Whether a global player or a small- to medium-sized business, our success depends on the target-oriented, efficient implementation of projects. Customer satisfaction, staying up to date with current trends, qualification and commitment to innovation are guiding principles in our mission and vision. This is a small excerpt from our customer list, which gives you an overview of the application of our P4S products worldwide in various industries.

> ​Bisbal, Spanien

> ​Ebaki Lan, Spanien

​> Elsinghorst, Deutschland

​> VRW, Deutschland

​> AK Bars, Russland

> ​Bisbal, Spanien

> ​CIM Massol, Frankreich

​> Press Steel, Frankreich

​> Fauvarque, Frankreich

​> SAS Leroux, Frankreich

> ​ZOK, Russland

> ​Van Leeuwen Buizen, Niederlande

​> ESK, Russland

> ​SSI Schäfer, CZ + Malaysia

> ​Blondeau, Frankreich

> EXBC, Frankreich

> ​Baume SAS, Frankreich

​> Lotter, Deutschland

> Handelshof Riesa, Deutschland